After reading “Pornographers, Cyber-Squatters More Trustworthy Than Students” I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. As anyone who regularly invests in domain names knows, its not always easy to describe what you do to those outside the industry but I’ve never been likened to a pornographer!

Over the holidays, I usually run into relatives and acquaintances that ask “how is that internet thingy goin for ya?”. Occasionally this is mixed with comments about MLM, Amway, and get-rich-quick schemes. I politely explain that this is a legitimate source of income, that buying, developing, marketing and selling domains/websites is difficult and requires a lot of research, thought and planning. The naysayers are usually quieted quickly however when I tell a story or two about selling a domain name at 1,000% profit in 3 weeks!

The article above seems to suggest that people commonly think of us as shadowy criminal types akin to Pornographers and are somehow surprised that we would have any scruples at all. While there are those in any industry or trade that do things illegally, my experience has been that they are the exception to the rule.

So what is the common perception?  What has your experience been? Are all domainers cybersquatters at heart?