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Technical Parameters

Shandong LUHAI petroleum technology co., ltd -geothermal business section focus on developing and promoting low-carbon, energy saving, environment-friendly technology, provide comfortable, safe, clean, economic heat solutions for buildings; provide professional energy conservation and environmental protection products ,technology and service for Industry company; provide urban integrated energy solutions for local government and develop district energy planning and build energy station. Currently company business scope has covered several provinces such as Shandong, Henan, Hebei and others

Company has a strong technical team of senior engineers and technicians and has attended many projects constructions and can design the best new energy utilization and energy saving reconstruction solutions according to user’s actual needs. Besides, company has a strong technical drilling team which has successfully developed a set of drilling and completion technology suitable for geothermal well. This technology rely on the accumulation of years of drilling technology in oil field, introducing that experience into geothermal wells and also combining the characteristics of geothermal wells.

“All roads make connected feelings, All rivers make great achievements”

Following the concept of mature technology, thoughtful service, broad mindedness and advanced management, LUHAI company make its own contribution on China scientifically development of geothermal resources and energy saving and emission reduction strategies. 


Medium-Deep Geothermal Resources Comprehensive Utilization

Our company Medium-Deep Geothermal Resources Comprehensive Utilization technology use submersible pumps to extract geothermal water to the surface, adopt direct heat exchange, heat pump multi-stage ways to extract energy in geothermal water then complete purpose of heating, geothermal spring pool bathing, planting and breeding etc. Geothermal tail water is recharge into underground through recharged well to ensure sustainable utilization of geothermal resources.

Geothermal Heating Utilization


Our company geothermal heating technology adopts ”get heat not get water” ways, use submersible pumps to extract geothermal water to heat exchange station and supply heating for buildings using the energy in geothermal water extracted by heat exchanger. At present, geothermal heating combine heat pump technology to multi-stage utilize the energy hide in geothermal water and finally make geothermal tail water temperature less then 5to back underground to maximum increase single well heating scale and heating benefits.


According to geothermal resource temperature difference, cascade use heat energy in tail water to supply heating.

142-65geothermal water adopts plate type heat exchanger for heating supply.

25-42geothermal water adopts heat pump technology for heating supply.

3Below 5geothermal tail water totally is recharged back to underground.

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