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Technical Parameters

Geothermal resources in agriculture is mainly for heating greenhouses, anti-season cultivation of some precious flowers and vegetable crops. Due to large initial investment to develop geothermal resources, actual utilization of geothermal resources in agriculture is mostly combined with the surrounding buildings, use tail water in the form of cascade utilization of heat for heating greenhouses then increase economic efficiency.

In breeding, use geothermal resources to provide suitable growing environment for valuable tropical aquarium fish, such as both ornamental and edible blue shark and white shark etc, both have great economic value. Using geothermal heating system can breed thermophile or non-hardy livestock and poultry to increase survive rate and grow rate then improve economic effect.

Our company Medium-Deep Geothermal Resources Comprehensive Utilization technology use submersible pumps to extract geothermal water to the surface, adopt direct heat exchange, heat pump multi-stage ways to extract energy in geothermal water then complete purpose of heating, geothermal spring pool bathing, planting and breeding etc. Geothermal tail water is recharge into underground through recharged well to ensure sustainable utilization of geothermal resources

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