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      Welcome to visit our website of Shandong LUHAI Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd .On behalf of LUHAI company, I thank for your concerns on LUHAI development.

      LUHAI is born in a new era of rapid Integration of world economy and fast development of China petroleum and petrochemical industry. Through eight years fighting north and south, combed by the wind and washed by the rain, all these make LUHAI a business road of “Ceaseless Self-improvement, Never Stop Fighting”. LUHAI’ development embody much hard work form leaders, partners, social friends and employees. LUHAI will always remember everybody’s efforts with gratitude and inspire ourselves to make further innovation and lead to a greater success.

      A period in the future, we will meet the new situation of social economic transition; clear and firm strategy orientation of “branding, capitalization, diversity”; entrench the strategic layout of  “oilfield service industry+ new energy industry” go hand in hand; base on energy industry, deeply focus on traditional energy of oil and shale gas, develop and innovate renewable energy of geothermal well drilling, air source heat pump, valley electricity etc; constantly deepen cooperation on technology, brand and resource in the same industry. All these to achieve LUHAI health and sustainable development.

LUHAI has created brilliant yesterday and is creating a more brilliant tomorrow. We will develop friendship with our sincerity and commitment, expand cooperation and widely establish win-win strategic partnership. Wish more friends concern LUHAI and join LUHAI and forward LUHAI business hand in hand and make individual ambition, grand ideal, bright future come future in LUHAI growing and rising road.

      Welcome to visit LUHAI company.

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