Those following the groundswell on this one since the end of April will be happy to know that the domain has officially traded hands. Swiss based Xcerion sold the name for an undisclosed ($4.5mil speculated) amount near the end of April.

Rumors have abounded over the past month but it would seem that Apple is intending to use its newly constructed massive 500,000 SqFt data center in Maiden, NC for its MobileMe and iTunes Streaming services. How plays a part as more than a simple redirect to remains to be seen.

The iCloud would seem to fit Apple’s ‘i’ branding scheme and would likely work well for an overall cloud based hub for its mobile apps, streaming and MobileMe.

But what if Apple has a larger scope? The current growth trend of cloud computing in the business arena is staggering. Is Apple making a play at an Amazon style cloud offering?

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