While listening to Linkin Park’s newest effort ‘A Thousand Suns’ on the return flight  from Detroit to Phoenix, I was first  confused, then inspired. Anyone familiar with Linkin Park is well acquainted with the unique eardrum assault that leaves you begging for more on such songs as Numb, Crawling and Breaking the Habit. If fans approached (as I did) ‘A Thousand Suns’ with the same expectation they would be perplexed and possibly disappointed. Where the dominant driving/screaming vocals usually characterize the record, they are relegated to a mere texturizing role. The majority of this effort is melodic, poetic and political… its honest. The lyrics and rhythms are intelligent, relevant, provocative and a firm middle finger to the ‘establishment’ of their former genre/box.

So what the heck does this have to do with Domain investment? How is it even remotely relevant to building a website and making a living online?

Two common questions I receive are 1. What type of domain(s) should I focus on and 2. What kind of blog should I develop? While there is no one correct answer, if you apply a lesson from Linkin Park the journey may be a bit easier and more enjoyable.

First, the success you experience in buying and selling domains is dependent heavily upon your ‘bent’. What are you good at? Chances are if you’re reading this blog that you’ve already seen the enormous opportunity that still exists for domainers and you are searching for the best method and/or toolset to help you be successful. But where to focus? Generic names, product based domains, drop catching, backordering, trend research, brandable names, short domains, etc… there are so MANY areas! The lesson is to not be hung up on a particular ‘style’ of domaining or a specific pattern of research. Regardless of the fact that Linkin Park changed their style, they are doing what  they want to do, what they are good at doing. Read, listen watch and learn! One of the most fascinating and addictive part of this industry is its state of change. if you cannot flex with trends and bend your ear to bleeding edge concepts, you will likely find yourself with a portfolio of sub-par recycled leftovers.

Second, to bake a cake you need heat in the oven. To successfully build out a thriving blog you need passion. When considering a name to build I do the keyword research, look at search trends, check the value of the prospective keywords and then ask myself one question: Am I creating this ‘child’ only to leave it an orphan? My goal in domaining and development is to make money doing what I like. I know that if I want to develop a blog about term X I will either need to be passionate about the subject matter or have enough money to hire someone that is. In my experience, one well written, unique, and informative blog is far better that 100 autoblogs churning out duplicate or ‘spun’ content! I’m not saying that autoblogging doesn’t work (I actually have a few of my own) but they will never garner the ranking, respect, following and ultimately the income that true passionate blogging does. The best possible white hat technique is traditional unique article writing that inspires backlinking, readership, loyalty and search engine validation (ranking and PageRank). Blogs like these will play well in the search engine sandbox and you will see success.

What I believe has been demonstrated in A Thousand Suns is how an artist/band can be successful because they’re passionate, almost  will success to come to them! Will it to happen to you, start AND finish development projects, focus your efforts on gems and pass on the mediocre.

Go forth and be Brilliant.