According to Nominet 2,831 short registry-held domain names ending in .uk will be available for registration 12/1/2010 – 1/17/2010. The names include single character (digit or alpha) as well as 2 and 3 character names. Certain restrictions still apply.

The following schedule applies for the release

1. The registered rights “Sunrise” stage, where registered rights holders (e.g. owners or licensees of trade marks) will be allowed to register between the above period between December 2010 to January 2011, if their registered right (such as a trade mark).
a. Is in force in the United Kingdom (including UK national, Community trade mark as well as international registration designating the United Kingdom) and registered on or before 1 January 2008;
b. Matches the domain name being registered exactly (excluding suffix, etc), which does not need to be a word mark; and
c. Has been put to use in the United Kingdom in connection with bona fide offering of goods and services on or before 1 January 2008.
2. The unregistered rights “Sunrise” stage, where applicants with unregistered rights can apply for short domain names which correspond with its rights, or for those registered rights holders who has simply missed the deadline for stage 1. The criteria for the applicant’s unregistered rights are the same as that for stage 1, with more details to be released in early 2011.
3. The final “Landrush” general release stage where all unregistered domain names remaining from the last two phases will be available for registration by all interested parties on a first come first served basis.
If two organizations have equal rights to a name, both apply concurrently, Nominet will auction the name to the highest bidder.
Former rules still apply, you MUST provide proof of ‘bona fide use’ in the UK for goods and services.