It’s a sign of the times, a sad commentary about the state of affairs in the media-now news world. According to the Atlanta Progressive News, Sunday Paper Magazine fired it’s editor and ceased news coverage effective immediately. will soon transition to yet another coupon driven entertainment site.

As has been felt by newspapers across the US and several other traditional news outlets, people are getting their news elsewhere and where the readers go, so go the advertising dollars. But where is that exactly? Matthew Ingram sites a recentPew Research Study showing that news consumption is becoming a more social experience.

an overwhelming majority of Americans — more than 90 percent — use multiple platforms to get their daily news, that the days of loyalty to a specific news outlet or brand are gone and that news has “become a social experience.”

While will remain open for business under a different model, the the message is clear, if it can’t be said in 140 characters, isn’t written at a 6 year old reading level and/or doesn’t include LOL, BFF, or ROFL its doomed to fail.

TTYL (Talk To You Later)